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On April 23, 2010, Pierre has become 70 year old and he is almost 55 years on stage now.

This fact shall be celebrated during 2010 and 2011 by his Quintet that consist of  Toon de Gouw: trumpet, Jan Menu: baritone- and soprano, Niko Langenhuijsen: piano, Egon Kracht: double bass and Pierre: compositions and drums.

The subsequent works will be performed: Réouverture – Chocolatine – February 1953 – Whole Scale –  Raofadt – Penta – Sidobre – Brusque – The Patriarch – One Less.

On April 24, the presentation of ‘RÉVOCATION’ took place [Uitgeverij Van Gruting ISBN: 978-90-75879-537]. This book, which has the same title as the CD ‘Révocation, the Pierre Courbois 5/4 Sextet live at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam’ [Daybreak Challenge DB CHR 75369] has been written by: Paul Kusters, Titus Schulz, Remco Takken, Bert Vuijsje, Gunter Hampel, Manfred Schoof, Martin Fondse, Polo de Haas, Jeroen de Valk, Rein de Graaff, Jacques Los, Ken Vos, Jasper van ’t Hof, Theo Loevendie, Ton Verbeeten, Loek Dikker, Ilja Reijngoud, Jasper Blom, Niko Langenhuijsen, Heribert Wagner, Egon Kracht, Jos Janssen, Peter Krijnen, Martin Hogeboom, Leo van Oostrom, Colin Seijdel and many others.

Pierre’s first show as a drummer was on November 6, 1957

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