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Pierre is using the following stuff:

pierre courbois

(from the left to the right)

J A Z Z :

18″ Spiral Trash
14″ Quick Beat Hat (top+bottom) [A®]
” Cluster Crash [K®]
18″ Custom EFX [K]
23” Custom Special Dry Ride [K®]
21” Custom Dry Ride [K]
22” Crash of Doom [Oriental]

 R O C K :

16″ China Trash [Oriental]
14″ Custom Mastersound Hat (top) [Z®]
14″ Dyno Beat Hat (bottom) [Z]
16” Dark Thin Crash [K®]
18″ Custom Dark Crash [A]
22” Custom Dark Ride [K]
20” Crash of Doom [Oriental]

24” Light Ride [K®]

 Additions for special occasions:

22″ Custom Left Side Ride [K®]
22” Light Ride [K®]
22″ Dark Thin Ride [K®]
20″ Flat Top Ride [K]
17″ Custom Dark Crash [K]

24″ Premium Cymbal Bag
and 22″Cymbal Case

7A Select Hickory


pierre courboisDrumheads:
14″ snare: Batter Emperor Coated with “Pierre’s Muff’l”
and Emperor Reso
Fiberskin  3  Ambassador:
10″ +  12″ + 14″+ 16″  tom’s Batter and Reso
 + 18″ kick: Batter with “Remo Muff’l”
and Powerstroke 3 Reso


10″ + 12″ + 14″ + 16″ Balinese models
24″ Chinese (pedal) gong (tamtam)

  • Ludwig L 206 brushes, tom holder, floor tom legs and lugs
  • Premier and/or Adams die cast hoops on snare and toms
  • Rogers spurs and double hat clutch
  • Yamaha lugs and tuning pegs with the unique locking strip
  • Gretsch and Pearl lugs
  • Sonor metal kick hoops
  • Meazzi / Hi-Percussion snare stand and parts for the tunable floor toms
  • Wing nuts taken from Raleigh [Withworth 5/16"] en Peugeot [Metric 8 mm] racing bikes
  • 1957 West End throne, the Hague
  • Stands for cymbals, gongs and 10″ tom made in former Eastern Germany, brand unknow
  • Cables for remote pedals made by Kniest, Oosterbeek
  • Tympani mallets custom made by Peter van Halder
  • Cases by Premier, Zildjian, Paiste, GO-pro and a variety of mostly French-made ones
  • Italian TOD drummer-shoes

All drums are assembled in close cooperation with his passed away brother Jacques,
with the exception of a 14″ snare and a 10″ tom made by  
< A 3 D R U M S >  (Hasselt/Belgium)

Six Pack


except Tama Lever Glide Hihat all pedals are composed with ASBA Caroline (Paris) components



hat + kick 2 + 16″ floor tom remote tuning pedal + remote gong pedal + kick 1 + 14″ floor tom tuning pedal