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Pierre took his first steps on on a drumkit that belongs to Willem Arendzen when he did not yet had his own set (1955/56). After that, he studied jazz drumming with Jacques Bex (Air Force Band Nijmegen) and classical percussion at the High School of Muscic in Arnhem with Jan Wilderom (Timpani player of the Gelders Orchestra).
Brush-technique with Kenny Clarke (in Paris).
Solfège, chord progress / theory and composition with Georges de Goeij and Ferdi Rikkers.

He is available for private lessons to advanced drummers
and you can send a mail to pierrecourbois@icloud.com

Pierre is also willing to do workshops:
1) Creative with brushes [since 1970]
2) Independance training
Soloing melodically [using the whole drumkit]
4) Odd time signatures [3/5/7/9 etcetera - since 1980]

Brushes and odd time signatures workshops are existing of 3 parts:
1)  Group [Introducing the basic principles to a number of pupils]
2)  Individual [Lessons that are custom fit to your wishes]
3)  Applying it with a trio [with bass and piano/keyboard/guitar]

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Pierre also teaches in “tuning” of all kinds of drums, his specialty is the snare drum.
[This is a workshop that lasts a few hours, preferably in the afternoon].