11 Zildjian Gathering

The Avedis Zildjian Company hosted their first official Zildjian Artists Gathering in the Netherlands on 10 November 2009 with an incredible turn-out of Zildjian Artists from all over Belgium and Holland assembling in the southern city of Tilburg. Presented at the Rockacademie, the Artists were lucky enough to be the first group to have a very special sneak preview of the cymbals which will be introduced next year, along with the chance to test out a selection of prototype cymbals currently being worked on at the Zildjian factory.
A cymbal, signed by Craigie and Debbie Zildjian, was presented to Jan van Drunen of Rockacademie in recognition of the 10th Anniversary of the collaboration between Zildjian and the Academy; also seen receiving the Award are Zildjian Artists, Coen Lieckens and Hans Van den Hurk, who are teachers at the school.
The event was hosted by Zildjian’s Tina Clarke (International Artist Relations Manager), Bob Wiczling (International Marketing Manager), Dieter Gfall (Regional Sales Manager); together with the team at Hoshino Benelux (Zildjian Distribution for Benelux), Jeroen Bakx, Jo Moens, Mark van Nieuwenhuizen and Ruben Schuring.

Zildjian Artists in attendance were: Cesar Zuiderwijk, Jeroen De Rijk, Hans Eijkenaar, Patrick Dorcean, Joost Kroon, Cyril Directie, Danny Sahupala, Berni Bovens, Marcel Serierse, Arie Den Boer, Pim Koopman, Marco Toro, Sietse Huisman, Eelco De Boer, Maarten Molema, Roy Moonen, Jimmy Nieuwenhuizen, Wouter Rentema, Karel De Backer, Gerrit De Kock, Laurent Mercier, Coen Lieckens, Isolde Lasoen, Matthias Standaert, Steve Van Havere, Wouter Van Turnhout, Mark Bonne, Tim Moens, Reinert D’Haene, Hans Van den Hurk, Maarten Hemmen, Pierre Courbois together with Bertus Borger (Director of the Rockacademie) and Jan van Drunen.

Commented Tina Clarke: “It was wonderful to see such an amazing turn-out of Artists at our first official Artist Gathering in the Netherlands. Thank you to everyone who made the journey to join us and to those who rescheduled studio and live work to be at the event. The feedback on the new cymbals has been great, with many Artists already wishing to incorporate these new sounds into their set-ups. Many thanks to Jeroen and the team at Hoshino for organising such a great day and to Bertus and Jan at Rockacademie for being such great hosts.”