07 Compositions

These compositions are written by Pierre Courbois since 1953.
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February 1953, Myria’ Poda, Rock Around The Cock, Shirocco, Cape Carnival (Cap Carneval) , Elektra part 1, Elektra part 2, Improvisatie voor slagwerk en synthesizer, Sample And Hold, Horizontaal, Introduction, Noise From Schacht Audorf, Moon Dog Music 1, Moon Dog Music 2, Moon Dog Music 3, Scorcussion, Cymbal Simon, Autumn In March, Er zijn nog 8 wachtenden voor U, Double Pop, Ecaps, You Go To My Hihat, Ecnelis, Earwax, Rock Will Never Die?, Hard Max, Ode To Albert, Rasa Moods, Aorta, Nummer 86 is een Kerrygerecht, Frans en zijn Muze, Voor Anouk, The Un-Tempered KLavier and Heavy Friends, Round A’bout Nine, Space Erna, Schnoor 8, Frau Theunissen, For Wikki, Straight Shooter, Free Music One, Free Music Two, Niet gebruikt – Wel gebruikt, Pedal Song, Association, Suite Four, Hard Max, Happy Blues, Going South, Te hooi en te gras, Percussion 1, Percussion 2, Percussion 3, Percussion 4, Computer Blues, Thank You Mr. Roach, Ballad  For Big Brother Harry, Suite George Brown, Hit The P. Tit, It Might As Well Be, Three Bass Hit, Dr. Hofmann, Mr. Paiste And Mr. Ibanez, There Is A Hole In The Bass Drum, Free Electric Hihat March, Blue Association, Ban de Bim, Drums In The Lobau, U-C-Neen, Improvisaties voor piano-forte, Improvisaties voor forte-piano, Acclamation, Double Flanging, Beat And Bow, Crying With The Wolves In The Wood, Handy Craft Center, Percussion Educative – 8 Parts, Round About Nine, Naar en Dorp, Polar Anna, Courhof, Independence Blues, Silence, Or Alternatively Nine, Phenis, #794, No Yesterday, Please, New Association, Kuitage, Peace Of  Freedom, Duo door Pierre en Armeno, Eric The Hole Tone Bird, Latinuoso, Glissando (Gliss), Whole Scale, Slightly Frustrating, Dorian Mode, Triangle, The Thirteenth, Lydian Mode, Sharp Blues, Square Roots, Minus One, Plus One, Seven, Wu Han (Reiziger), Jubilation, Réouverture, PC One, Jasper and Out, Toverbal, Toverbal Sweet, Zand, Mississippi, Mirrored Dimensions, Five to Four, Clypso, Independence For Jazz Drummer + Computer, Reasonable Amount Of Fees And Domestic Transportation, Penta, Perpendicular, Chouette, The Patriarch, Pjotr, My Dear (So Long Pjotr), Aminona, Free Folk Song, Sambapao, Kerope, So What’s New?, Chocolatine, Ralos, Lokeren, Opaque, Récuperation , Pearls Before Swine, Big Party One, Big Party Two, Anything New?, Ygrande, Encore, La Bisbal, Clompen Stomp, Spitit of Maassluis, One To Three, Confusion, A-C-Bert II, Vier Seizoenen om te Zoenen, One More, Révocation, Unsquare Roots, Planacan, One Less, Sidobre, Pentangle, Cubic Roots, Two Scales, Rééducation Blues (Balken en de Blues), Insonorisé, Soft Time in a Life Machine, Gong I, Gong II, Lausanne, Brevis, Merula, Thema-tje, Thee Maatje, Planna-Canna-Canna, Sigmoid, Sa-T-4-2 (Satie/Satea For Two), Saté Voor Twee, Watergruwel, Siobruoc, Raofadt, Liefde Maakt Doof, The More I Hear You – The More I Hate You, Sky High, Lobelia, Inverness, Impeccable, Run Time Error, The Eighteenth, Flat Land, Right Left Right Right – Left Right Left Left (RLRR-LRLL), Belia, Broodje App, Sylvanes, Dr. Fill, Hard Wax, Tympanum, Senavlys, Brusque, Crash of Doom, Triple D., Shockwave Flash, Along Came Toos, Renewals, Klantnummer, Fatal Error, W.V.T.T.K. (wat verder ter tafel komt) ect. ect. ect.

Compositions Commissioned by the PERFORMING ART FUND the Netherlands